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Melbourne VIC

Or unpolished work. Collaboration and balance – work across teams, share your work, and get a. Show your work – work out loud, share your working documents, and…

As a Field Leader, you will lead a volunteer powered community engagement

initiative across your city or region. Your mission will be to build community level

awareness and understanding about the need for the constitutional recognition of

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the need to deal with the racial


As a Field Leader, you will recruit and train hundreds of volunteers to help raise

awareness, inform people, and grow the movement for change. You and your team

of volunteers will achieve your goals by organising action events, signing up

supporters, posting on social media, and having face-to-face, phone, and online

conversations with tens of thousands of Australians. You will also run a field office

and make it a safe and energising home for the campaign and its volunteers.

Key Clients (people you will work with)
• National Field Leaders (internal – they support you)
• Other Field Leaders across the country (internal – they work alongside you)
• Volunteer Team Leaders and Members (internal – you support them)
• The public in your region (external – you will have conversations with them)
• Personally recruit 10+ volunteer team leaders.
• Oversee recruitment of hundreds of volunteers by volunteer team leaders.
• Facilitate teamwork by leading a self-organising team that communicates and
collaborates effectively.
• Foster a fun and engaging team culture that excites volunteers.
• Train volunteer leaders, and volunteers through bi-weekly dedicated training
sessions and through weekly pre-event training sessions.
• Organise weekly volunteer action events (phone banks, door knocks, street
or workplace engagements).
• Report daily on your office’s campaign activity and progress on goals.
• Budget/manage daily cash flow to ensure your team is financially sound.
• Contribute to strategy and innovation by creating new ideas and process that
can increase awareness, supporters, donors, and volunteers.
• Experience developing or implementing communications, marketing,
community, political, or advocacy campaigns.
• Experience organising/managing projects, products, programs, or events.
• Experience hiring, training, and leading teams and while demonstrating
excellent interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.
• Experience organising and working with volunteers.
• Excellent oral and written communications skills.
• Ability and desire to learn about and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander peoples, communities, and issues.
• Ability to be self-directed, to self-manage, and to work autonomously and
• Ability to work in a transparent environment and show your work in progress.
• Ability to work with candour and be frank to ensure honest and
straightforward working relationships.
• Ability to have a growth mindset, and always be interested in learning new
• Desire to take responsibility and be accountable for your actions and
Team Principles
• Be a team player – thoughtful team players working together in creative
collaboration produce the best work. We spend valuable time figuring out how
to work best with each other.
• Show your work – work out loud, share your working documents, and tell
people what you are doing. Don’t be afraid of people judging your unfinished
or unpolished work. Sharing your work-in-progress leads to quicker progress
and better outcomes overall.
• Seek advice and make decisions – everyone has the authority to do what they
think needs to be done, as long as they’ve sought the advice of teammates
who are affected.
• Be frank – speak up, talk straight, be candid, don’t be scared to respectfully
and kindly challenge others views. Creative tension breeds innovative ideas
and is crucial for quality collaboration.
• Know what’s confidential – sometimes it’s better to keep information private.
Ensure you understand what’s public and what’s not.
• Express your (whole) self – bring your unique creativity to every aspect of
your work. Bring all of yourself to work, be yourself in the most genuine way.
• Be responsive and experiment – make efforts to understand the complex and
shifting social and political environment, test lots of new ideas, and make
adjustments accordingly.
Benefits of Working with Us
• Purpose and meaning – work for an organisation that is part of a movement to
make history.
• Pace and results – work in a fast-paced environment focused on getting
things done.
• Autonomy and accountability – work in an empowered team and self-manage
your workflow and relationships with others. Own and be responsible for your
• Learning and development – work in an organisation that’s constantly sharing
information and knowledge in order to get better.
• Collaboration and balance – work across teams, share your work, and get a
sense of all the different aspects of the campaign.
Unique Opportunity for People Already Employed If you are currently employed, you might be able to keep your current job and work with us for a defined time period. With our support, you might be able to negotiate a secondment where you can work with us (possibly at or close to your current salary, until the campaign is successfully completed). You can be a part of this historic change and then you can go back to your current job! Win-Win. This is more likely to
be possible if you work for one of our many partner organisations. Talk to your manager, or contact us, about this opportunity.
How To Apply
Applications will remain open in all cities even if the current positions are filled. We
will keep accepting applications as we hope to expand the field team if more
resources become available. Please express your interest if you would like to be
involved. We will get back to you quickly about where the Field Team is at in terms of
its roll out.
If this role interests you, please send through your application by completing a
detailed cover letter summarising why you would like to work with Recognise and
how your skills and abilities will make you ideal for the role.
This Job Description outlines the responsibilities of the position and the
competencies required to do the job well. You are not required to address these
competencies directly, however, please consider them when preparing your cover
letter. Please also attach your CV with your application.
Send your applications to Mickey Kovari at [email protected] You can
call Mickey to chat about the role on 0402 313 169.
The role is a full time work contract until 30th June 2017. If there is sufficient funding for the role, RECOGNISE may agree to extend the Term until the time of the referendum. Whilst the parties may agree to extend the Term, they are not obliged to do so. A working with children or vulnerable people check or the state jurisdictional equivalent may be required for this role. If you know someone who would be perfect for this role, please share this with them and encourage them to apply. We look forward to hearing from you and potentially working with you.

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Melbourne, VIC, AU
Posted on: 2017-04-18
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