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On a cyclical program, oil garden bed timber. Mount Waverley North Primary School holds an important place in the local community in Syndal and Mount Waverley…

Mount Waverley North Primary School holds an important place in the local community in Syndal and Mount Waverley and was formed in 1997 as an entity upon the amalgamation of two primary schools. Current enrolment is around 280 students in 13 classes and the school hosts a number of Overseas Fee Paying students.

The school is proud of its co-operative, vibrant Learning Community. The Parent Community is a highly supportive and valued resource for the school, its staff and its students. We encourage students to partake of water and healthy food between recess and lunch sessions and have introduced Tribes in 2009, which is a program that supports our philosophies in Student Welfare and Student Learning. Student and staff have access to an extensive network of Information and Communication Technologies.

Mount Waverley North Primary School strives to prepare its students to thrive in tomorrow’s world as effective global citizens. We offer a challenging, meaningful and authentic curriculum in an environment of care, collaboration, enterprise and mutual respect. We follow a Constructivist approach to learning and teaching.

To achieve this:

  • An Inquiry or problem based approach is taken to plan learning tasks. Students are given the opportunity to design and negotiate learning experiences around their interests.
  • Learning is facilitated to provide opportunities for students to actively construct and deepen understandings and to develop a lifelong love of learning, higher level thinking skills and social competencies
  • Students are encouraged to develop a sense of physical and mental balance, personal wellbeing and a positive relationship with themselves and others, whilst demonstrating a sense of individual and group responsibility
  • Open communication with effective interpersonal skills and appropriate teamwork will characterise, and promote, partnerships between all members of the school community
  • Principled leadership will endeavour to embed within the school a culture of continuous improvement, and to systematically and strategically address all factors that impact upon student learning.

Mount Waverley North Primary School’s motto is ‘Knowledge for Life’ and its prime focus is to enable its students to achieve success, particularly in numeracy and literacy, develop a strong feeling of confidence and self-worth and develop skills that enable them to contribute positively to society.

The School interacts positively with all families and believes it should provide an educational environment which fosters an active partnership between all members of its Learning Community.

In realising these aspirations for its students, the School aims to:

  • develop motivated, inquiring and independent learners
  • develop self-esteem and confidence
  • foster mutual respect and trust

To facilitate this, we foster and support staff in working towards a consistent approach and constantly striving for professional excellence.

In addition to our core curriculum, students experience the following extra curricula activities:

  • A comprehensive arts program, in which children experience both visual and performance arts and are able to experience authentic exhibition opportunities through the school concert, school displays and presenting at school assemblies.
  • Health and Wellbeing programs which include: Play is the Way, Tribes, Chaplaincy, swimming, interschool sport and camps, The Life Education program and Family Life.
  • Student Leadership is fostered through Junior School Council and roles of responsibility. Students are encouraged to be active members of their local and school community and may experience leadership as a Year 6 Captain, Junior School Council member, or through their actions as learners.
  • Programs are provided that cater for students with special needs e.g. Gateways, speech support, EAL support, literacy support and Kids Hope.
  • We provide a comprehensive incursion and excursion program, related to topics of study, which provide extensive real life experiences to enhance and deepen student knowledge of the world.
  • A range of ICT tools are provided to support students learning.

We have refurbished our learning areas to create a modern and flexible learning environment for our students. We have had two teams of teachers undertake TPL investigating the use of flexible learning spaces, implementation of Developmental Play and restructuring the learning experiences of our students to increase student engagement and student learning outcomes. Our learning programs have been designed to take the needs and expectations of the 21st Century learner into account.

We have worked with Michael Ymer, developing teacher skill in teaching mathematics and developing open ended, relevant and engaging tasks. We have a strategic focus on reading, using the CAFE model.

Mount Waverley North Primary School has a Chaplain who attends our school two days a week, providing support to our students, parents and staff.

We have installed a number of water tanks for use in our toilets, and a 234,000 litre tank has been installed for sub ground irrigation of our oval. We have also installed a bank of solar panels.

The parents are highly committed to the school and work tirelessly to support the curriculum and raise money to add to the already substantial resources.

Most graduates of the school go on to Mount Waverley Secondary College.

Selection Criteria

SC1 Capacity to undertake routine support tasks across a range of functions in one or more work areas within a school environment.

SC2 Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively with members of the school community including students and the capacity to provide support and/or attendant care to students where necessary.

SC3 Demonstrated proficiency in the use of office systems, software or technical equipment as relevant to the position.

SC4 Capacity to work cooperatively with a range of people including teachers, education support, students and parents.

SC5 A commitment to professional learning and growth.


A key aspect of the Buildings & Grounds Maintenance person’s role in the community is to be able to communicate effectively and develop a good working relationship with staff members, students and contractors at all levels.

The Buildings & Grounds Maintenance person at Mount Waverley North Primary School will undertake professional and personal development opportunities to enhance the position and will participate in an annual performance and development process.

The Buildings & Grounds Maintenance person is required to work flexibly and reliably within tight timelines and with minimal direction in a team environment.


Scopes of work may include items such as:

  • Maintain or develop a system of notification and response to requests from school staff for maintenance and repairs
  • Carry out visual inspections of the grounds to identify gardening, pruning, watering, weeding requirements and to develop a priority list for grounds maintenance and enhancement and to check that contracted tasks are being professionally and economically completed
  • Assist with the planning and staging of school events such as Open Nights, and Orientation Days as required to ensure such matters as furniture relocation, equipment and facilities meet the needs of the school
  • G rounds cleaning on special event days
  • Carry out visual inspections of buildings to identify property damage and equipment failure and fatigue to develop a priority list for maintenance and repairs, and to check that contracted tasks are being professionally and economically completed
  • Repair and/or replace locks, hinges, closers, window latches, window blind fittings and lockers
  • Carry out repair of furniture and equipment eg table tops, table legs, castors
  • P lastering and painting
  • Temporarily secure broken windows and doors
  • Repair leaking taps and replace tap fittings
  • Carry out visual inspections of roofs, roof guttering, drains, sinks and troughs to identify and clear blockages
  • Clear blocked toilets as necessary
  • Relocate and properly store other blinds, furniture, equipment and resources to keep them in optimal condition
  • Clearing broken glass, laying sawdust as required etc during the day
  • Replace batteries in clocks, reticulation systems etc when required
  • Replace basketball nets
  • Affix internal and external notice and display boards
  • Replace light globes and clear light fittings of insects and cobwebs
  • Obtain replacement gas bottles when required
  • Report resources that need to be added to or deleted from the Assets Register
  • Liaise with grounds and cleaning contractors to schedule extra work on special event days and other times
  • Report on and maintain a record of faulty equipment, damage and breakage
  • C oncreting and paving repair / replacement work
  • Set security and accent light timers to provide sufficient lighting for events and security throughout the different times of year
  • On a cyclical / seasonal program, weed (hand or spray), poison and mulch garden beds
  • On a cyclical program, oil garden bed timber
  • Check and operate the automatic watering systems
  • At times, hand water gardens and trees
  • Other duties as assigned by the Principal and Business Manager

Who May Apply

Individuals with the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications to fulfill the specific requirements of the position.

EEO AND OHS Commitment

The Department values diversity and is committed to workforce diversity and equal opportunity in schools and all education workplaces. The Department recognises that the provision of family friendly, supportive, safe and harassment free workplaces is essential to high performance and promotes flexible work, diversity and safety across all schools and Department workplaces.

Child Safe Standards

Victorian government schools are child safe environments. Our schools actively promote the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all school staff are committed to protecting students from abuse or harm in the school environment, in accordance with their legal obligations including child safe standards. All schools have a Child Safety Code of Conduct consistent with the Department’s exemplar available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/health/protect/Pages/childsafestandards.aspx

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

Employment Type: Part Time
Location: Mount Waverley, VIC, AU
Posted on: 2017-04-22
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