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Part time (0.6 FTE)
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Growth and Development. Competent use and knowledge of computer software, particularly MS suite of products and….


Position Title: Social Worker / Counsellor

Department: Employment Services

ORGANISATIONAL INFORMATION MADEC, a not for profit organisation, is a provider of Employment Services, Education and Training, Labour Hire and Harvest Labour services across multiple states. With a proud 50 year history, MADEC aims to deliver service excellence in the four pillars of its business operation. Working in accordance with the guidelines set down by the Government, our business operation is focused on gaining successful employment outcomes for our clients. This is achieved by working with our clients to ensure we understand their barriers to employment, upskilling and providing training solutions, sourcing work opportunities via labour hire, harvest or by partnering with business and industry stakeholders to secure sustainable work options for our clients.

PRIMARY PURPOSE OF ROLE The main focus of the position is to provide vocational and/or professional counselling to job seekers to assist overcoming significant barriers to finding employment.

Direct Reports to this Role Total Number of Reports

Nil Nil

Key Relationships

Reports on a day to day basis to the Area Manager and/or Team Leader.

Works in collaboration with and provides support to other members of the team.

Internal Provides advice and support to Work Pathways Consultants, Employment Brokers and other

members of Employment Services

External Has contact with Centrelink, and other stakeholders and welfare organisations

HR/PD/067 PD Social Worker 8 September 2016


Conduct Job Seeker Assessments including specialist assessments such as psychological assessments with in scope of degree related qualification

Conduct counselling sessions, develop and update action/intervention plans

Be involved in on-going case management and individualised assistance to job seekers or providing brief interventions with job seekers

Conduct one on one interviews with job seekers for the purpose of monitoring their progress, as well as, providing on- going support

Schedule and implement appropriate activities that reflect the job seekers progress and their changing needs

Establishing a relationship of trust and respect with job seekers

Encouraging job seekers to talk about issues they feel they cannot normally share with others and that will assist in addressing barriers that may lead to employment

Assisting job seekers to make decisions and choices regarding possible ways forward

Working to agreed targets in relation to job seeker contact and employment goals

Liaising, as necessary, with other agencies and individuals to help make changes based on the issues raised by job seekers

Proactively promote job seekers to Employment Brokers to secure ongoing sustainable employment outcomes

Provide assistance for jobseekers referred to employment services, including assisting with resumes, interviewing skills, career and labour market information, with a view to placing job seekers into sustainable employment or training in the shortest timeframe possible.

Undertake post placement support for job seekers when required

Correctly document information in accordance to the Department of Employment (DoE) guidelines, Key Performance Indicators and MADEC Work Instructions.

Maximize outcomes for eligible jobseekers, particularly the long term unemployed and highly disadvantaged

Maximize the delivery of high quality, ethical employment services

Preparing a marketing strategy in consultation with the job seeker including identifying employers and locations, transport and licence restrictions, certificate and ticket requirements to present to the Employment Broker

Maintain and manage a suitable appointment schedule for all jobseekers, ensuring compliance with DoE contractual obligations

Maintain privacy and security of all records according to the Social Security and Privacy Acts

Attend and participate in regular staff meetings

Actively promote MADEC and all of its services to the wider community

Corporate responsibilities

Contribute to the achievement of the goals as outlined in the Strategic Plan and the overall objectives of the organisation.

Participate fully in staff appraisal and professional development review processes.

Comply with all Work, Health, Safety and Environmental system requirements which provide a safe and healthy work environment, free from sexual harassment and discrimination.

Adhere to MADEC’s policies and procedure and “Code of Conduct” for employees.

Participate in the Continuous Improvement of the Integrated Management System by assisting with identifying, correcting, monitoring and evaluating activities to improve internal and external customer service.

Participate in managing and complying with injury management practices with the aim of early return to work in all cases.

HR/PD/067 PD Social Worker 8 September 2016

Qualifications and Experience: Essential Desirable

Qualifications Degree in Psychology and be registered with the appropriate authority; OR

Degree or graduate diploma in:

– Allied health services or behavioural sciences;

– Social work;

– Rehabilitation counselling; or

– Other allied health qualifications.

Where qualification requires you must have registration to practice or obtain professional membership

Experience: Experience in providing clinical services to An understanding of the Employment assist vulnerable members of the Services, in particular, servicing requirement

community and knowledge of support services available to jobseekers

Previous counselling experience

Knowledge of local referral agencies and other providers of complimentary programs

Skills: A flexible and solutions based approach with job seekers which will assist in dealing with a range of barriers and directing them to employment

The use of evidence based practice models

Excellent administrative, organisational and report writing skills with a strong focus on accuracy

Competent use and knowledge of computer software, particularly MS suite of products and proficiency in the use of databases

HR/PD/067 PD Social Worker 8 September 2016

Competencies All employees must:

Maintain focus and productivity in changing environments, responsibilities and people.

Adaptable Remain positive in the face of change, take steps to recognise need for change and understand and support changes as we strive for business excellence.

Accept responsibility for own actions and decisions and demonstrates commitment to accomplish Accountability

work in an ethical, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Communicate effectively and transparently.

Communication Engage and inspire other through clear oral and written communication.

Ensure our internal and external customers/clients are at the forefront of our minds in all that we do.

Customer focus Act in the best interest of our customers/clients by working with them to understand their needs and to build mutual respect that leads to mutually beneficial outcomes.

Be authentic.

Maintain personal credibility and uphold ethical standards.

Integrity Fosters respect for all individuals and points of view.

Interacts appropriately with all members of the workforce, clients and business and community partners without regard to individual characteristics.

Work cooperatively and effectively with others to achieve department and organisational goals. Team Work

Participate in building group identity characterised by trust, pride and commitment.

Build strong intra and inter department relationships and partnerships to ensure business success.

HR/PD/067 PD Social Worker 8 September 2016

At MADEC We Value

Trust, Honesty and Accountability The upholding of trust, honesty and individual and organisational accountability in all we do and say.

Competency  Accountability  Communication  Integrity

The actions:  Be authentic, deliver upon our promises and hold self and others accountable.  Communicate consistently, honestly, constructively and with good intent.  Recognise, give credit to and respect our people for their contributions.

Dignity and Respect The right of each and every person to be treated with respect and dignity.

Competency  Integrity  Communication  Team Work

The actions:  Relate to team members and customers in a fair and equitable manner.  Build sustainable and productive relationships across the organisation.  Relates easily and is accepting of people from a diverse backgrounds.

Initiative and Creativity The initiative and creative potential of individuals and the contribution they can make to MADEC.

Competency  Adaptable  Customer focus  Team Work

The actions:  Open to new ideas and seeks opportunities for improvement.  Collaborate on changes and support ideas of others.  Seek improvement and accept change.

Growth and Development The professional growth and development of board members, management and staff that will enhance their

skills, knowledge and experience. Competency

 Accountability  Adaptable  Integrity The actions:

 Provide service, knowledge and experience to others.  Create a picture of success and strive for excellence.  Provide a culture that supports continual learning.

Quality and Continuous Improvement The development and delivery of high quality services to our clients and customers through continuous

improvement and organisational development processes. Competency

 Adaptable  Integrity  Customer focus The actions:

 Understand how individual, team and department operates and contributes to business success  Challenges the status quo.  Seek opportunities for business benefit by continually reviewing processes to ensure best practice.

Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability The principles and practices of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Competency  Accountability  Adaptable  Integrity

The actions:  Seek opportunities to improve quality and efficiencies, safety, health and the environment.  Ensure safe working environment for employees by actively resolving safety issue in a timely manner.  Being thoughtful about resources.

HR/PD/067 PD Social Worker 8 September 2016

HR/PD/067 PD Social Worker 8 September 2016

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HR/PD/067 PD Social Worker 8 September 2016

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Employment Type: Full Time
Location: Port Augusta, SA, AU
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