Drug ARM Australasia Community Support Worker – Street Outreach Services Part Time in Brisbane QLD

Drug ARM Australasia

Branch Brisbane QLD AU

Community Support Worker – Street Outreach Services
Brisbane QLD

Services delivered in areas and regions determined as in need of services and as reviewed quarterly based on stakeholder and needs analysis processes….

Program Overview The Street Outreach is a mobile patrol engages with homeless people and other individuals who are at risk of, experiencing harm associated with alcohol and other drug use, mental health issues, and homelessness. The SOS focuses on Harm Minimisation through the provision of information & referral.

The SOS is delivered by trained volunteers, supervised by the Community Support Worker.

Position Overview The position is responsible for the delivery of outreach services designed to provide referrals, information and at times services to ‘at risk’ populations. Outreach programs provide mobile services designed to meet health and welfare needs of ‘at risk’ populations by coordinating and promoting a professional &/or volunteer workforce. Services delivered in areas and regions determined as in need of services and as reviewed quarterly based on stakeholder and needs analysis processes. The position requires an ongoing commitment to developing relationships and partnerships, including with local Churches and Church based organisations to deliver outreach services in partnership.

Knowledge of the organisational structure and services as well as policies, procedures and relevant statutory requirements will be required. The position will exercise a degree of autonomy while working under general direction. Assistance will be available, however the position will have the freedom to act governed by clear objectives, business processes and clinical practices with solutions found in guidelines, policies and procedures. The position is required to supervise other employees and/or volunteers while working as a member of a team. While providing general work area oversight the need to establish priorities and monitor workflow will be required.

Role & Responsibilities 1. Outreach Services

Deliver quality services in line with funding &/or organisational requirements for the position.

The day to day operation and delivery of the service by:

  • Collecting, collating, managing, recording client data for statistical and reporting purposes
  • Maintaining up to date service statistics
  • Preparing client and operational reports on the Programs
  • Assessing client needs and providing client referral to agencies that match client needs
  • Producing relevant reports both written (using computer programs) and verbal assisting with the review and evaluation of the service;

Coordinating and managing volunteers including:

  • Recruiting and training volunteers
  • Rostering and supervising volunteers
  • Volunteer engagement
  • Co-ordinating, equipping, stocking, cleaning and maintenance of vehicle/s & crew room:
  • Basic vehicle maintenance and overseeing log book records
  • Stock ordering , purchasing and distributing supplies for clients/volunteers
  • Arranging the equipping, stocking, cleaning, maintenance of vans
  • 2. Education & Training

    • Attend and/or deliver training sessions/workshops as required
    • Prepare professional papers and presentations as relevant to the role
    • Participate in accredited training opportunities where appropriate
    • Contribute to development of training and client resources
    • Adhere to the supervision and professional development policies of the organization
    • Support, supervise and advise other paid and unpaid positions relevant to role

    3. Evaluation & Review

    • Contribute to the development, monitoring and review of policies and procedures
    • Contribute to action learning and continual improvement processes
    • Work within the Quality Management System of the organisation
    • Complete reporting requirements of the position
    • Contribute to research activities and initiatives as relevant

    4. Networking & Fundraising

    • Contribute to grants and submission processes for new and existing programs and services
    • Contribute to new ideas and concepts relevant to and outside of the work area
    • Attend network meetings and liaise with related agencies to share information, build relationships and identify opportunities
    • Develop formal and informal partnerships
    • Support local media and publicity activity as required
    • Actively participate in staff, team, volunteer and regional meetings
    • Support fundraising activities and events of the organisation
    • Support the online functions relevant to the position, including but not limited to social media, databases and websites


    • Associate Diploma with relevant experience;
    • OR relevant Certificate with relevant experience
    • OR experience through previous appointments, services &/or study of equivalent level of expertise
    • OR demonstrated experience to undertake the range of activities required


    • Adhere to and practice the organisation’s mission, vision and core values
    • Be proactive, positive, enthusiastic, energetic, responsible and friendly
    • Provide positive constructive feedback for fellow staff, supervisors, volunteers and students
    • Be committed to providing quality programs and excellent services and support that represent leadership and innovation
    • Adhere to the code of dress at all times


    • Other duties as required from time to time to enhance services

    Essential Selection Criteria Please respond to each Selection Criteria question to the best of your ability:

  • Relevant qualifications and/or experience based on the pre-requisites for this position
  • Experience working with substance use, mental health and homelessness.
  • Experience coordinating and managing a volunteer workforce
  • Ability to effectively time manage and prioritise supervisory, administrative and networking duties
  • Demonstrated ability to build relationships with key stakeholders, including attendance at identified Network Meetings.
  • Strong computer skills, including use of electronic client management databases as the main source of client record keeping.
  • Strong written communication skills, particularly for the purpose of quality client record keeping, internal, and external program reporting.
  • Demonstrated collaborative and leadership qualities and the ability to work autonomously.
  • Other requirements:

    • Willingness to work within the Christian principles of the organisation.
    • Undergo relevant Police and/or Security clearances.
    • Hold a current valid Driver’s Licence.

    It is not expected that applicants may have all the required experience, skills and/or knowledge in all the identified areas. The most suitable candidate may be the one who is honest about his/her limitations and open to new learning and skills.

    or proceed with Standard Application Form.

    Employment Type: Part Time
    Location: Brisbane, QLD, AU
    Posted on: 2017-04-23
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