Culture Amp Web Developer (Part-time) Part Time in Melbourne VIC

Culture Amp

Branch Melbourne VIC AU

Web Developer (Part-time)
Melbourne VIC

* Part-time opportunity to join our growing engineering group * Nominated as one of the most exciting and pioneering startups from Australia and New Zealand *

  • Part-time opportunity to join our growing engineering group
  • Nominated as one of the most exciting and pioneering startups from Australia and New Zealand
  • Exciting opportunity to work with modern technologies such as ReactJS and Redux

Who we are

Culture Amp is a culture first software company that is building the world’s leading survey platform for People & Culture. The values we hold are the values we live by. We believe in trusting people to make decisions, learning fast through feedback and having the courage to be vulnerable. This means that the opportunity to grow and develop, while being supported in that endeavour, is built into our core. We are growing fast and are at the forefront of the industry. We believe in giving CAmpers (Culture Ampers) the opportunities to innovate, and have fun while doing it. Our Campers combine deep knowledge in psychology, statistics, user experience and engineering into a platform that is transforming organisations worldwide.

Today we help hundreds of the most innovative organisations in the world build better workplaces. Our goal is to help 10,000+ customers better understand and improve their culture.

Your role in the Camp

We are searching for Front End Developers to join our Camp in Melbourne, evolving the JavaScript and Sass/CSS within our codebase. Our flagship application is built with Ruby on Rails, and with modern ES6/ReactJS powering all the new front-end features we have in the works. You love crafting beautifully designed and intuitive user experiences, and you believe that creating well tested, clean code is just as important for the front end as the back end. You enjoy being surrounded by talented engineers, learning from others, as well as contributing to their development. To top it off, we hope you’ll share our passion for culture and changing the world of work for the better. We are an inclusive development team that uses lightweight Agile processes to contribute to the codebase. We use Git and an automated CI setup for builds, which include a growing JavaScript test suite. We review each others’ pull requests. We believe in automation over repetition, and aim to make our code and infrastructure modular and reusable.

What skills you’ll bring to the Camp

  • Strong programming fundamentals – HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • You have an understanding of software development techniques such as Object-Orientated Design, Test-Driven development, microservices and continuous delivery
  • You will have an eye for design when it comes to building beautiful software
  • You are passionate about solving complex problems

Once you are a Camper

  • You will be vulnerable and trusted to make decisions that will have an impact
  • You will have a thorough understanding of our customers needs and how we help solve for those problems
  • You will work in an autonomous cross-functional Camp that is part of our “Team of Teams” model
  • You will be comfortable with our technology stack and help us elevate our current software development practices

If you’re excited by the opportunity to work in a fast growing start-up, where there’s plenty of opportunities to pitch in on anything from shaping the next product feature to influencing our technology stack, and building a global software company from Melbourne, get in touch.
We are, You are Culture First.

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Employment Type: Part Time
Location: Melbourne, VIC, AU
Posted on: 2017-04-14
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