Cochlear Ltd Science & Engineering Summer Student Program – 2017/18 Internship in Sydney NSW

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Science & Engineering Summer Student Program – 2017/18
Sydney NSW

But don’t take our word for it. You will be expected to support yourself and find yourself suitable accommodation….

Cochlear’s award winning graduate engineering program in Australia. – YouTube

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At Cochlear hearing is our passion.

The work we do at Cochlear helps people with hearing loss to connect to others and live full lives. Whether you are involved in designing hardware products, developing and improving manufacturing processes, implementing test systems, or designing and testing firmware or software, the work at Cochlear is technically challenging and incredibly worthwhile.

“Working at Cochlear is special because I am able to apply my engineering skills to create products that change people’s lives in a very personal and meaningful way.” Tom – Student 2011/12, Graduate Engineer 2013.

We Offer Real Work with Real Meaning

To prepare students for a graduate engineering career with Cochlear in 2019 we are offering Summer Student placements from November 2017 to February 2018 based at our R&D and Manufacturing operations in Sydney and Brisbane.

As a Summer Student you will be given an important engineering project that will contribute to product development or manufacturing processes and give you a real-life insight into working as a professional engineer in industry.

While the projects are different every year, projects that past students have completed include:

Designing and developing new products or components (electrical or mechanical).

Contributing to product improvement projects (electrical or mechanical).

Evaluating technologies critical to delivering a next-generation sound processor.

Modifying the design of a PCB used in a cochlear implant.

Contributing to the design of analog and digital ASIC.

Developing automated test solutions for a clinical mobile app.

Performing verification activities for product designs before they transition into manufacture.

Investigating, testing and qualifying new techniques for the manufacture of future generation implants.

Installing and qualifying manufacturing equipment.

“During the Summer Student Program at Cochlear, I worked in cross-functional teams on two highly innovative projects. I performed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on 3D models to predict how our next generation implants would respond to mechanical and thermal loads. As engineers, we use FEA tools to quickly and reliably test many design variations in order to optimise our implant designs. This developed my technical skills, and strengthened my analytical and problem solving skills. More importantly, I developed a greater appreciation for emerging technologies within the field of mechanical engineering.” Ana-Maria – Summer Student 2014/15, Graduate Engineer 2016

You will work in project teams to solve real-world engineering problems and you’ll get to work with an amazing peer group and have a buddy to support you.

So that you can support yourself during 3 months of meaningful and stimulating work you will be paid above award rates. You will be expected to support yourself and find yourself suitable accommodation.

What makes Cochlear unique as a graduate employer in Australia?

We are committed to our customers for a lifetime.

We are passionate about our mission.

We embrace quality in everything that we do.

We are world-leaders in implantable hearing solutions.

We design and manufacture high-quality, high-technology products right here in Australia.

We have world-class R&D and Manufacturing facilities in Sydney and Brisbane.

We have highly experienced engineers who proudly mentor young engineers.

We invest in growing engineering leaders of the future by providing our graduates with unmatched career development and learning.

But don’t take our word for it. Students themselves consistently vote Cochlear as one of the top 3 Best Graduate Employers, Engineering, R&D, and Manufacturing in The Australian Top 100 Graduate Employers .

If you aspire to join Cochlear as a graduate engineer in 2019 then read on to see if you qualify to apply for the 2017/18 Engineering Summer Student Program.

Is the Summer Student Program right for you?

You are invited to apply for the Summer Student Program IF:
You are studying engineering or applied physics majors related to mechanical, electrical and software disciplines: examples include Biomedical, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Manufacturing, Computer Science, Software and Material Science.

You are in your second-to-last year of study – finishing your final subjects in calendar year 2018.

You have achieved a credit average (minimum).

You are available to work full-time for 3 months late November 2017 to mid February 2018.

You can support yourself and find yourself accommodation (you will be paid above award).

You possess the right to work in Australia without sponsorship.

You are seriously considering starting full-time work as a graduate engineer with Cochlear in February 2019.

To stand out as a Summer Student you will:
Have a passion for Cochlear’s mission and making a difference to our customers.

Be highly effective in working with other people to achieve outcomes.

Be confident presenting in front of groups (yes, you will be expected to do this).

Have a well-developed ability to solve problems analytically.

Possess a responsible attitude to working safely.

Have a strong capacity to learn how to be more effective than you already are.

Be committed to quality in everything you do.

“Working within a highly-regulated industry is really challenging and inspires you to work to some of the best standards of quality.” Jessica – Summer Student 2012/13, Graduate Engineer 2014

Please consider your application carefully if you are thinking of progressing to full-time post-graduate studies in 2019.

If you are more than 80% certain that you are going to pursue full-time post-graduate studies in 2019, please consider your application carefully. While the program is designed to help students decide if Cochlear is right for them, it is also designed to prepare students to move into industry in 2019. If you are already fairly certain you want to pursue post-graduate studies then you may well be taking the place of someone who may be more committed to moving into industry.

The Summer Student Program is an exclusive program. You ARE NOT ELIGIBLE to apply IF:

You are not able to join the graduate program full-time from February 2019.

You are in your final year of study in 2017.

You have already graduated.

You require sponsorship to work in Australia.

What we don’t offer

We want to offer an experience that is true to our culture and our values.

Our mission is about using our expertise to help others. We value customer focus, diversity, openness to change, innovation and removing boundaries. We expect you to be mature, respectful and collaborative… and to have genuine compassion.

We don’t try to be cool for the sake of being cool. We are not a cool start-up – we are a mature business in the medical industry. What we do is cool because it’s all about using technology to help others.

We won’t put you up in a dormitory/accommodation.

We don’t ask you to work around the clock.

We will show you the path but we won’t give you all the answers.

Looking for a long-term career in the biomedical industry with one of the top Graduate Employers in R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing? Give yourself a head-start.

The Summer Student Program starts on Monday the 27 th of November, 2017.

If you want the chance to apply for a graduate engineering position with Cochlear in 2019, apply now for the 2017/2018 Engineering Summer Student Program.

Please complete your application online by midnight on Sunday 6 th of August 2017 .

Due to high levels of interest and tight timelines, late applications will not be considered.

or proceed with Standard Application Form.

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